Sunday, 24 September 2017

Rift City session 2

Second session of the Rift City open table was a couple of weeks ago (I've been really busy so haven't done a write-up until now).

The party managed to expand itself for this session, Gibbet the Thief, Gwynthor the Cleric, and Polly Pepperoni the Magic User being joined at this session by two Dwarves (Sven and Redvers), an Elf (Shazam), a Halfling (Ays), and a Fighter (Frost).

They actually managed to find some Dungeons (or at least caves)! They explored a bit (with torches, lanterns and infravsion, and Gibbet checked for some traps)! They killed some Wolves (with Sven trying to catch and subdue them, and Redvers trying to murder them all)! They killed, drove off and Slept some Goblins! Then they decided to bugger off out of the dungeon and go back to Rift City*

And some of them are even planning on coming back next time!**

*If I run an open table I need a way of easily integrating new party members. My way of doing this is to tell the players straight, 'it's better if you get back to town at the end of the session'. This way the next party can start out with whoever is available. So far they have done this - it's been easy, they only explored about 6 caves and some tunnels in this session, so they were still close to an exit. It will get harder as it goes on and they're further into the dungeon I guess.

**Not reported on here: not having prepped this part of the dungeon properly, resulting in me hurriedly flipping through pages of rules and printouts for some goblins I could use and getting the number appearing wrong; mistaking rooms 61 and 81 on my tiny map, resulting in reading a far less interesting room description; fudging the timekeeping resulting in a suspicious lack of wandering monsters; mistaking the room where the wolves were for the previous room the PCs had been to, resulting in a less interesting combat (because the place wasn't as interesting)... generally not having my shit together is what I'm getting at here. I need to be more on the ball. I promise I'll be better next time...