Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Rift City Session 5

I don't remember too much about this I'm afraid. There was bad weather in the UK which somewhat curtailed people coming out to play. At least one of the regular players (maybe two?) and one irregular player had to work. Also, it being winter, there was a certain amount of illness about. As a result, there were only three of us at the session.

Apart from me, the only adventurers were Galen the Elf and ... damn I can't even remember. There were also a couple of NPCs, a Cleric called Vortigern and a Fighter called Zanok. The NPCs were both pregens from old-time White Dwarf AD&D adventures - from WDs 93 and 49 if I remember correctly. Galen had spent time out of the dungeon trying to track down the wizard who was offering a reward for 'exotic animal parts' - the light-glands from Fire Beetles and the honey of Killer Bees for a start, and in general other interesting or magical parts. But in the end they didn't harvest any organs or secretions at all.

The party fought Kobolds (some more had moved into the caverns cleared of Kobolds in the previous session), and undead, and some giant lizards. At last the party (minus Vortigern, who had died fighting the lizards) had some serious money though, the looting had been good with some bags of gold and some jewellery.

And then, on the way out of the tunnels, the party disturbed a flock of stirges (not the 1980s electro band) and one attacked Damn I Can't Even Remember full in the face. And he was dead, really dead, because Elementary Staunching failed. This was the new character of the same player that was 'Lucky' Fisheye Len last time. This was his 3rd session and 2nd PC fatality.

That did however leave Galen and one NPC - Zanok the Lawful Fighter (there are no Paladins in this game) holding all the loot. Well, Galen gust got a bit nearer 2nd level and is scoping out a higher class of accommodation on the nicer side of town.

Session 6 should already have happened, but unfortunately I was unable to attend. The current players decided they'd rather wait a week until I have a free Sunday rather than go ahead with a gaming session that I wasn't running (maybe no-one else wanted to run a game, I don't know). In some ways that's pretty gratifying. Anyway, next session will be on Sunday 21st January. Watch this space...

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