Saturday, 8 June 2013

Raising the Standard - as far as it goes to Day 25

Well, I have three things to announce.

The first is that the painting (and building) challenge is over. Thursday evening was my deadline for the game arranged on Friday lunchtime.

The second thing is that not everything was finished in time. A lot of things were finished to an acceptable (if not brilliant) standard, but there were other things (especially musician and banner figures) that really didn't get there.

The third thing is that I've been given a few days' grace as we had to re-arrange the match anyway. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make Friday (turns out I could have done, of course) so we agreed to postpone our match until later this month, so there are a few evenings yet to get things a bit more finished.

So without further ado, here are the pics of the force as it exists so far:

Yellow Moon Orcs - the whole bally lot of them (note, no banner on that home-made flagpole, but at least the musician has a drum of sorts )

Red Skull Orcs - a whole ax horde

Harboth's Black Mountain Boys - with a few friends hanging round the back as these fellahs came 9 to a box

First of the 'Sniff' (scout) units

Second of the 'Sniff' units - not painted by me, they're too well done, but also too garish for my taste

'Morax' (2x hand weapon) unit, with temporary banner made from the foil seal from a bottle of wine - apparently from the 'old field' (old camp? old land?) - most of these weren't painted by me either

Black Spider Goblins with spears - didn't manage to get that drum made unfortunately, nor get a banner, as I was planning to print one out and my printer's being very temperamental at the moment.

Grom's Goblin Guard - Goblin 'Rabble' (though they look pretty organised to me); again I'm short a drum and a flag

One of the two units of Night Goblin Archers

Various characters - at the back, two Orc Krudgers; at the front, a Goblin Wiz (wizard), a Flaggit (Goblin banner-bearer), a Biggit (Goblin hero with bow, who will be gradually transformed into an armoured monster), and another part-built Wiz

More characters - Wip Half-Cast (Orc wizard, the old Half-Orc Cleric); a Krudger on a Gore-Chariot; a Flagger (Orc standard-bearer)

Last of the characters, an old Goblin shaman as another Wiz

My version of the Rock-Thrower, with a crew of various Snotlings

Two of the 'Sharpstick Throwers' (Bolt-Throwers) crewed by 'Very Tall Goblins' (the old Bolt-Throwers from Citadel were crewed by Orcs)

Five of the 'Fleabag' (Wolf) Riders - yes I know some of them aren't wolves, but I had to improvise

Five 'Fleabag Riders' - the rest of the unit that includes the boars

Two units of 'Fleabag Sniffs' - wolf-riding Goblin scouts with bows

For some reason, four of the shots haven't come out. There's another unit of Night Goblin Archers, and a unit of Common Goblin Archers; there's also a shot of more of the Bolt-Throwers; finally there's a Troll too. Perhaps, when we actually get round to playing the game, I might get something like the entire army on the table and take a group shot. Perhaps...