Saturday, 2 December 2017

Rift City session 4

Well, we're still at it - Rift City has now been running for 4 months... which means 4 open tables and so far nine (I think) different players... apart from me only one player has been to all the sessions.

The party (a strangely flexible beast it is, a bit like Grandfather's Axe) is still exploring the upper caverns, but I feel there is a certain lure of some of the deeper, darker passageways, where things are likely to get much stranger...

I feel I need to re-read stuff about running open tables and sandboxes. I've never quite done things like this before and I need to check I'm doing it right. I've been reading 'The Alexandrian' for hints and tips - particularly the stuff on open tables.

The last session was again packed with incident - including the irrevocable death off "Fisheye" Len. Poor Len, he suffered in his short life. He was eventually killed by a falling ceiling-block. I have a houserule called 'Elementary Staunching' that says if your companions can do some battlefield first aid you have a chance of surviving even at 0hp. But, Len was unlucky and missed his CON roll. Farewell Len, we hardly knew ye.

Other notable items of incident - fighting Kobolds! Quite a lot of them, two rooms of the pesky little blighters. The first room was mostly taken out with the judicious use of a 'Sleep' spell from Polly the Magic-User, and many Kobold throats were slit. The second room I don't remember, though as the party had 2 Elves as well as the MU it may be that they hit that with 'Sleep' too.

They explored a few more rooms: they collected as much treasure as they could including a set of Kobold swords that I allowed them to sell back at Rift City, probably for more than they were really worth. We'll have to see what happens next session (only a few days now) when a new constellation of adventurers decides to brave the Rift...