Saturday, 30 June 2012

Amazons (and friends)

More-or-less-painted Amazons

These are my Amazons closest to completion. I can't find my Mother Superior mini (can't remember if it was Mother Samantha or the other one, but I'm sure I had one); also sure I had the Amazon with the bow; no idea where they are.

The best so far

She even has eyes that don't make her look like a heroin-addicted panda!

Two of the less-painted ones

Including the famous Amazon-Devout-with-High-Age-Weapon, who absolutely will see action as a futuristic gang-member. There are a couple of other Amazons with only undercoat on.

All those that have any real amount of paint at all

As it says in the title, if they've got more than undercoat, they're in this pic.

Thrud and Livingstone

From the White Dwarf Personalities Set, Thrud the Barbarian, and Livingstone the Editor, 'an obscure sub-class of Thief'.

Yes, Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Games Workshop.

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