Sunday, 1 February 2015

Goblins galore!

A shot of some of my goblins that I was painting up for Kings of War... well, they languished in the box for a while, like 18 months, until yesterday when I got my paints down from the loft and painted their hats red. I'd decided that they needed more colour, and remembered the Redcaps of fairly folklore. What could be better for these be-capped Night Goblins? OK, technically the goblin 6 from the left in the front row is not a Night Goblin, but I only have a certain quantity of Goblins, and I was one short for this unit. Look, he's in a Night Goblin unit, he'll be statted as a Night Goblin (if I ever play a game where they're not just statted as 'Goblins').

So... still got a lot of work to do on these to get them looking 'nice' (if they ever do, I'm a rubbish painter) but I thought I might post them here. I looked up Redcaps - I didn't know that they were particularly from Northern England and Southern and Central Scotland. Perhaps they deserve their own entry in the Observer's Book of Monsters?


  1. Me thinks you're too harsh on yourself, they're not looking bad at all. Try an Army Painter Quickshade ink wash, they do wonders for my painting confidence!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Snickit. I haven't tried the Army Painter washes but I am a big fan of washes in general - they are an effective and time-saving method!