Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Weird landscapes

Sometimes I find myself in need of weirdness generators. At present I'm trying to set up a weird landscape generator.

So far I only have notes:

The undulating ground is earth but looks like waves on the sea. Ridges resemble breakers. Perhaps over a million years the waves will break.
The flat ground is like red marble, with veins that change colour as you observe them.
The red earth sprouts fleshy trees that produce red sap and inviting fruit. Anyone killed here will produce a new tree in 3 months.
The rocky ground is streaked grey and yellow. A dull green fog hangs over everything.
Towers of black glass dot the landscape. Monster encounters are more common near them.
Though the sun is shining, the sky is black and stars can be seen.

Undulating ground like waves in the earth
Plain of red marble with veins of changing colour
Forest of fleshy trees with inviting fruit
Rocky ridges of streaked grey and yellow
Towers of black glass dot the barren landscape

Clear, though the sun is shining the sky is black and stars can be seen
A dull green fog hangs over everything – visibility 50 yards
Mirage of colossal city in the distance
Black lightning strikes – storm lasts d6 hours, save v death ray every hour or take d6d6 damage

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