Saturday, 21 October 2017

Rift City session 3


Cave Locusts!

A Killer Bee (that the party decided not to kill)!

Some Ghouls (that really wanted to eat the party)!

A flashing light trap!

And even, shock horror, some actual treasure - about 60GPs stashed under a pile of rocks in the cave.

A much depleted party was joined by 'Fisheye' Len the Thief for some cave-raiding action: along with Len went Sven the Dwarf, Frost the Fighter and Gwynthor the Cleric. They managed to avoid losing anyone but the fight with the Ghouls (2 of them) was the hardest part - things looked bleak as Len was paralysed and the second Ghoul attacked Sven, but Plate Mail saved the day and the tide turned.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves ... my impression of the distant noise of a Killer Bee certainly caused some amusement. No, it wasn't beatboxing or even playing a didgeridoo, thanks peeps, just bumbling about looking for pollen. What was it doing in a cave? Perhaps this post might have some of the answers...

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