Monday, 2 March 2020

Rift City - Sessions 30 and 31

Well, it finally happened. After two and a half years, we had a gaming session that I didn't write up before the next session. Working away is certainly taking a toll on both gaming, and blogging about gaming.

We have had two more sessions of the Rift City campaign, and should be having another on 8th March. On Jan 112th, because I had the 13th off work, we met in our pub venue of most of 2019 in the evening. However, as I can't have the Monday after the second Sunday of every month off work, we're holding them earlier in the day at the moment. Also, because we haven't found a public venue that will take us on Sunday afternoon, we held the last session - and will be holding the next - at the house of Galen, Berg and Karina's players.

Only, Karina's player isn't Karina's player any more, because Karina succumbed to some poison in session 30. So, for Session 31, a new Cleric called Willow joined the party.

The party is currently exploring an area of Level 2 away from where they've been before, running into angry apes, shriekers, bandits and Orcs, and gaining a bit of loot of course. Then they found a way down to part of Level 3. There the PCs encountered a high-level Cleric, but with judicious use of a blinding spell they rendered him relatively powerless while they chopped him up. They've done a bit of exploring but it's pretty inconclusive as yet - perhaps just as well, I'd not expected them to go that way and haven't built much of Level 3. Where they'll go next session I'm not really sure so I'm just hoping I can stay one step ahead.

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