Sunday, 27 December 2020

Bakshi's Lord of the Rings, part II - Painting some minis

Complements of the Season, one and all.

I have something of an announcement. Not about Rift City, that'll come along at some point, I'm sure.

No, more momentous than that. Some paint has been introduced to some minis. I play D&D about once a month. It's ages between my bouts of painting, it's a much rarer event.

Please bear in mind these are 'rescue' paintjobs. They were partly painted, but there was no proper undercoating done, mostly just painting onto the bare grey plastic. I've tried to use as much as feasible of the original paintjobs while still sticking to my idea of trying to paint them up 'Bakshi-style'. Also, the photos aren't great, so apologies for that.

So, here are Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, in costumes at best 'reminiscent' of their 1978 garb.

Something like Bakshi's version of the Fab Four

However, I do have a confession to make. Having mistaken Merry and Pippin throughout the film (for most of it, I thought Merry had dark hair and wore brown, and Pippin had blondish hair and wore green), I finally sorted out which was which and assigned the right colour-scheme to each character.

Then, unfortunately, I then mistook the minis. I thought Merry had a raised hand (holding a stone) and Pippin had his hand (also holding a rock) out in front of him. But coming to check the costumes for the Jackson version, I see Pippin has a scarf, as does the mini that has the raised stone, that I have now painted as Merry.

Oh well. Not much to be done about it now, I feel. There's a little more to do on these fellows but they're getting there.

The next four are also rescue-jobs. They're painted up as the Jackson movie versions, more or less. Again the paintwork I'm painting onto is not great. Getting really up close there's still a few places with no paint, especially under people's chins. But in the end these are never going to be great works of art. What they might be is fun to play with on a table. That's the main thing

The Jackson... Four?

At least Sam still has his pan in this iteration!

Oh, and I definitely have two Boromirs. One of them will be a Leader of Men in a vaguely Game of Thrones-inspired project. More on that in due course...

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