Monday, 6 January 2014

Not sure this will work...

... but I've been exploring GoogleMaps' new map-making tools.

This should be a link to a map what I wrote:

I started messing around with the idea that the adventures of various heroes could be mapped onto the British landscape. I posted about this idea a while ago in Lead Adventurers, but a recent trip to North Yorkshire, where there are several sites named after 'Brom', the old dragon-rider from the Eragon series, reminded me of the idea. So for a couple of days I've been messing around with 'Brom' names.

Then I decided to branch out, and map sites associated with Conan of Cimmeria (which on this reading, is likely to be Cumbria), Ingold Inglorion (from the Darwath books) and Frodo. Doing Frodo made me think of other places that Hobbits live (all those 'pucel' names, like Pucklechurch and Pocklington) so I put them on the map, and then I started looking for Elves. Elves are hard.

Anyway, the results are there. Do say if you can't access the map, or see all the layers (one for Brom, one for Conan, Ingold & Frodo, one for Elves) or whatever. I can see this being a useful tool for games set in some version of 'our' world.

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