Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Your very good Elf...

If I am ever to paint up my Guardians of the World Tree, I really need to know how I'm painting them. Perusing the D&D site has produced a lot of inspiration - here are a great variety of Elven (and Half-Elven and other similar) types.

Not all are listed as Elves; some are of creature-types of which I've never even heard (after my time I suppose). I think one picture is something like 'Aasymar' or similar. But they look like Elves to me. Not really certain what the differences are. But never mind.

I like the snowy ones - the blue-skinned male and white-skinned female. In the Lankhmar encounter tables from the edition of DDG I have, 'Winter Elf (as Wood Elf)' is listed as one of the entries for encounters in cold regions. Those two look like they may make good 'Winter Elves'. Though perhaps 'Winter Elves' should be Drow? Then again, Drow are more like the opposite of High Elves - lots of metal armour and whatnot. But, there are more lightly-armoured Drow I suppose. Perhaps I should work out some actual differences between Elves here, which groups have what chance of wearing metal armour, leather or none, wielding bows, spears, longswords etc etc...

The D&D Archives are at - warning, it is a bit addictive.

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