Monday, 4 August 2014

The Great Library has burned down...

D&D Archives

... at least, so it appears. As one of those who was quite happy to take the free content that WotC was hosting on its websites, and use it to plug gaps, inspire ideas, and generally fill in during gameworld creation, I really am going to miss the D&D Archives - especially the artwork and maps, but all the vast and barely-explored content derived from back issues of Dragon, excerpts from the books and all the rest.

Ah well, just me and my brain and the entire Web to rely on now...

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  1. Well, it seems one tiny corner of the Library has been saved. Out of the maybe 20 or 30 links I had to different pages on the WotC site, the nly one that still seems to work is the beta-test of the Random Dungeon Generator.

    Have a look and a play. It may produce something useable (with a little work to retro-fit it from 3.5).