Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Some simple mutation tables

I was looking for some tables for mutations a while back, and couldn't find any suitable ones. There are a couple over over at Seventh Order of the Random Generator, but they're way to unpredictable for what I wanted, and anyway, I needed both tables for both cosmetic mutations and more serious mutations. In the end I made a few for myself. I needed them for magical mutations that could affect PCs, but they have other potential uses of course, and obviously I built them for D&D but with a little tweaking they could be used for other games. They can be treated as a form of Curse, and require either magical healing or some kind of quest to overcome.

The first is a table for cosmetic mutations which, though they may interfere with a character's normal social interactions (because trying to buy a drink when you have decayed flesh is something NPCs might find a little gross), are not in themselves going to change a PC's stats (except possibly CHA or similar).

The second is for more substantial mutations, involving growing wings and whatnot. These will definitely change a PC's stats. It's up to the DM how this might affect play.

Minor mutations (d6)

  1. Blue skin
  2.  Feathers (d12: 1-red; 2-orange; 3-yellow; 4- green; 5-blue; 6-purple; 7-white; 8-black; 9-multi-coloured; 10-copper; 11-silver; 12-gold)
  3. Decayed flesh
  4. Lizard skin
  5. Massively hairy
  6. Elf ears (if victim is an Elf-type, ears shrink and become Human-like)

Major mutations (d6)

  1. Lobster claws for hands
  2. Snake body
  3. Human/Elf to Orc, Dwarf/Halfling to Goblin
  4.  Become Minotaur
  5. Snake hands
  6. Wings (d6; 1-Angel; 2-Eagle; 3-Crow; 4-Dragon; 5-Butterfly; 6-Daemon)

I've created versions of these tables at the Seventh Order. The second-order tables for colours of feathers, and types of wings, are already nested into the generators.

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