Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Raising the Standard - before and after (WIP shots, Day 8)

It's now day 8 of the challenge I set myself (well it's really day 9 now, but this was the state of play at end of day 8) - apologies for the poor state of some of these pics, the light's not very good today.

The as-yet unpainted Goblins (including the 'Very Tall Goblins' who crew the warmachines), and some Orc archers, ready to get their spray of black...

And the very same having been sprayed:

I'm beginning to think that it may even be possible to complete this! I wrote a little list of the units I need to build and paint which looks like this, as of Monday evening (20th May - 17 days to go):

G1: 19 Goblin spearmen (paint); 1 Goblin musician (build, paint) - all undercoated; need to build drum for musician

This will be the musician for the spearmen - need to make his drum

G2: 5 wolves and 5 Wolfriders with spears and shields; (find/build and paint all) - 3 wolves and 2 boars found (wolves already undercoated, boars painted), 5 riders (basecoated)

This lot will be five wolf-riders (more or less), honest

G3: banner-bearer and musician for Rabble (build and paint both) - banner bearer built (need to source banner) and painted; drummer undercoated, need to build drum

Musician and banner-bearer for the Goblin Rabble

G4: 2 Wizards (build and paint); 1 hero ('Biggit') with bow (build and paint); banner bearer ('Flaggit') (build and paint) - Wizard 1 sourced and substantially painted, need to add staff-top and accessories; need to source/build Wizard 2; Biggit built and undercoated; banner bearer sourced, need to paint

Chap on left is a hero ('Biggit') with bow, chap on right is destined to be a wizard (his staff needs something on the end)

G5: 2 bolthrowers, 4 crew - undercoated

O1: 14 'Chaos' Orcs (need new shields and painting) - basecoated, have spare shields if necessary

The Red Skull Orcs get some basecoating at least

O2: 14 'Yellow Moon' Orcs (shields and painting); musician (build and paint); banner-bearer (build and paint)- shields sorted, minis substantially basecoated; musician basecoated, need to build drum or gong; banner-bearer, basecoated, banner-pole built, need to make banner

Yellow Moon Orcs - getting there...

O3: 'Krudger' (Orc hero), build and paint - complete, I had a nearly-complete mini for this lying around so I stuck an arm on and repainted his shield

Somehow, I forgot to take his picture...

O4: 10 archers (Orc scouts or 'Sniff'), paint - undercoated

2 'Sniff'' - Orc Scouts with bows: the rest of the unit is undercoted

Feeling good about this, beginning to see the light at the end of the (Goblin) tunnel...

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