Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Raising the Standard - first pictures of the Orcs

Some of the existing Orcs, in need of shields, that are currently part of my Orc force. They'll be given suitable shields as soon as I decide what colour to paint them, and moved into my new Orc 'Ax Horde' that I'm thinking of as the 'Chaos Orcs'. Probably, as I think about it, their shields will have red skulls on ... I dunno, black maybe?

This is the rest of what will become the 'Chaos Orc Ax Horde', which might be already morphing into the 'Redskulls'. Perhaps I should paint all the skulls on their belts red as well. This lot, with their brethren above and the 10 of their comrades not pictured, with the drummer and standard bearer I have for them, will be the 'O1' unit mentioned in the first part of 'Raising the Standard'.

These are the Orcs that will make up the second 'Ax Horde' - the 'Yellow Moon Orcs'. I have 14 of these guys already - they're currently in a unit with the 14 'Chaos Orcs' I have painted up, but want them to be transferred into their own unit. In the front are the minis that I hope I'll be able to transform into a drummer and a standard bearer. This unit is the 'O2' unit in the lists.

This is the 'Sniff'' (scout) half-regiment. Very little painting done on these chaps but I plan on trying to use what has already been done - though it's a little garish for my tastes and it might just be easier to overpaint everything. This is 'O4' on my list.

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