Sunday, 26 May 2013

Raising the Standard - further progress on Day 13

This is the state of play as of yesterday afternoon - with the Orc archers getting substantially more paint on them, the Goblin cavalry sadly in need of something to save them, one of the planned Goblin wizards coming along well enough and some paint on my Goblin banner-bearer, the bolt-throwers and crew at least started, and my unit of spearmen coming on OK - getting some more shields, and painting the bases, is next for them.. Oh, and because I forgot to photograph him last time, I've included a few shots of my Orc 'Krudger' (a hero-type excelling in close combat).

'Sniff'' (scout) unit close to completion

Yes the guy in the middle does have a arm somehwhere, and I need to do something about the boars being wider than wolves: the riders really don't 'sit right' on their backs...

Wizard made from a spear-goblin, with some shield decorations to make a staff-top; and 'Sourgutt', from the old Citadel 'Goblin King's Battle Chariot', as a banner-bearer

Old 'Notlob's Orcish Bolt-throwing Engines', with base-coated crew

Unit of 'Sharpsticks' (spear-using Goblins) including a few 'red' (purple-brown) ones. And I still need to build a drum...

Krudger for my 'Red Skull' Orcs

He's a bit of a monster...

... in quite a strange pose. I woner why he doesn't fall over?

Heads down and I'll see you at the finish, lads...

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