Monday, 13 May 2013

Raising the Standard - putting together an army in 25 days, Day 1

Well, I have a game of 'Kings of War' coming up and need some new units for my Orc and Goblin Army (armies really, as Kings of War uses different army lists for Orcs and Goblins... and I've just realised I'm using the last iteration of the rules, so I'll have to check what's going on with 3rd edition).

I'm hopefully going to be playing two encounters - one a small engagement at 1,000pts, the other a big battle. At the moment, I'm discussing with my opponent ideas about making the two battles tell some kind of story.

There's no way I can get everything properly painted and based but I would like at least to get some paint on the minis. I'd like to be able to get the following units painted up - and indeed for some of them, built - in time for the battle:

G1 - 20 Goblin spearmen ('Sharpsticks'), including banner bearer (a flag attached to a spear is fine for this, I'm looking for one with a spider on it to match some of the unit's shields) and a musician - I'll probably using a Heroquest Goblin and converting him to make a drummer.

G2 - five wolf-riders ('Fleabag Riders') with spear and shield, to add to the five (including banner and musician) I already have. These additions will I hope make the unit much more resiliant. They all exist, luckily, it's just a question of painting them (maybe gluing some spears back together) and finding some bases for the wolves.

G3 - a banner and musician for my 'Rabble' unit of close-combat Goblins. Again, I'll have to make these somehow. Another Heroquest Goblin for a drummer I think... do you see a pattern emerging? I have a banner-bearer that might serve here, but again he needs painting.

G4 - a selection of Hero figures; perhaps a couple of Wizards, a hero ('Biggit') armed with a bow and another banner bearer ('Flaggit') might be in order here.

G5 - two bolt-throwers ('Sharpstick Throwers') using the old GW Orc Bolt-thrower models. So sharpstick throwers with 'Very Tall Goblins' as crew.

That little lot should give me plenty of options for my Goblins, increasing my potential force from 825 to 1200 points.

For my Orcs, I think I need:

O1 - 14 Orcs that need painting, to add to an already-existing unit to make a new 'Ax Horde' of  'Chaos' Orcs.

O2 - 16 Orcs including banner bearer and musician (I'm going to be using a converted Heroquest Orc as a musician... bet no-one saw that coming) for a second 'Ax Horde' (I'm planning on splitting my existing Ax Horde into two groups, and adding these new troops to make two new Hordes). Some of these will require assembly I'm certain. These guys will be the 'Yellow Moon' Orcs, as the existing ones have yellow moons on their shields.

O3 - a Hero ('Krudger') which I can make out of some Black Orc bits I have lying around. He's dependent on getting the 30 Orcs from O1 and O2 sorted - can't unlock another hero until I can field another full unit. He's the reward for painting 28 Orc warriors and building a standard-bearer and musician.

O4 - 10 archers ('Sniff') to give me some much-needed firepower, as Orcs are the only army that can't unlock war machines.

That's 305 points of Orcs that I can add to my currrent 880 points. At a combined total of 2,385 points, that should give me a certain flexibility when chosing the 2,000 I need for the big battle.

So, between the two armies I'm trying to add 700 points in 25 days. More than I can chew? Quite possibly... we'll have to see.

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